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What we do @

  • CPD Accredited Mental Health First Aid (England) 2 day Adult Courses

  • Bespoke training and workshops to inform about evidence based tools you may choose to use and implement to help you thrive

  • Clothing to increase awareness of the importance of mental health, promote Mindfitness and raise funds for Mind Charity - the Mental Health Charity


Hello there, I'm Laura

It’s a Playground is more than just a mental health training and awareness company or a group of wellbeing principles 


We need to treat our mental health the same way as our physical health and a great way to look at life, the world and even our mind - is looking at it like a playground.


We should be continuously playing, learning, growing, connecting, being active, helping others up when they fall or pushing others up so that we all reach new heights.


All of the workshops and training that we do at It’s a Playground are designed to break down stigma associated with mental health, encourage and empower people to look after themselves and basically break-down/ simplify evidence-based learning in an accessible way to inspire others to look after their mental health every day.


Our head trainer, Laura, has utilised her passion for mental health in many different ways over the years, having worked in psychological injury management/ prevention, learning & development, wellbeing consultancy and professional training etc. Having learnt a whole bunch from working within the health sector, education, the corporate world and hospitality, she's gained a load of experience that informs our great course material and aids in making it accessible and influential.


If you’re looking a company who will work with you to inspire and educate your team or yourself about mental health first aid or any other wellbeing topics then please get in touch with us at

why is the work we do important?

Do you wait until someone has heart disease to tell them they need to change their diet and exercise?


We shouldn't wait until we are hurt or injured to start working on our mind.

We need to give it some muscle power and keep on working out until we are wrinkled and old. 

We all have mental health. It's a part of our overall health and wellbeing. 

With education about good mentally healthy practices we can not only break the stigma associated with mental health issues, but also learn to help ourselves live our best lives.

An "It's a Playground" mindset is the aim. We must find ways to continually play, learn, grow!

Join the It's a Playground way and help promote mental health awareness, eradicate stigma and encourage yourself and others to thrive.